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 Testing Fundamentals

  1. What is testing?
  2. Different approaches of testing?
  3. Disadvantages of manual testing
  4. What is Automation testing?
  5. Benefits of Automation testing?
  6. What type of Test cases can automate?
  7. What type of test cases not to automate?
  8. Automation life cycle
  9. Different types of Automation tools
  10. Difference between QTP & Selenium

 Introduction to Selenium

  1. History of selenium
  2. What is selenium?
  3. Components of selenium

Selenium IDE

  1. Selenium IDE Introduction
  2. Download & configure Selenium IDE
  3. Selenium IDE Features
  4. Record and Run Tests
  5. Generate Tests Manually
  6. Debug Selenium IDE Tests
  7. Enhancing Selenium IDE Tests
  8. What is Verification and Assertion?
  9. Should I use verify or Assertion
  10. User-extension.js in Selenium IDE

Element identification

  1. What is element property?
  2. Different ways to recognize element properties
  3. What is firebug and firepath?
  4. How to recognize element in chrome & I.E Browsers?



Selenium WebDriver

  1. What is selenium R.C?
  2. Architecture of selenium R.C
  3. What is Webdriver?
  4. Why WebDriver?
  5. Architecture of Webdriver?
  6. Difference between Selenium R.C & WebDriver
  7. Limitation of Selenium

WebDriver – Part 1

  1. First selenium code in webdriver
  2. Working with chrome and I.E
  3. Working with basic browser commands
  1. Get()
  2. getTitle()
  3. getCurrentUrl()
  4. getPageSource()
  5. close()
  6. Quit()
  1. Concept of Firefox profile
  2. What is Firefox Profile?
  3. Why we need Firefox profile
  4. Importing web Driver documentation in Eclipse
  5. WebDriver Desired capabilities class
  6. Html unit driver and desired capabilities

WebDriver -- Part 2

  1. HTML language tags and attributes
  2. Various locator strategies
  3. WebDriver Interface
  4. WebElement Interface
  5. Identifying WebElements using id, name, class 
  6. Finding Xpaths to identify
  7. Absolute and complete Xpaths
  8. Creating customized Xpaths without firebu
  9. Css Selectors
  10. Generating own Css Selectors
  11. Performance of Css Selectors as compared to Xpaths
  12. Finding Xpaths/Css Selectors in different browsers - Mozilla, Chrome and IE
  13. Objects with same id/Xpath/Css Selector
  14. What is class attribute?
  15. Handling Dynamic objects/ids on the page
  16. Working with different browsers without changing code


WebDriver -- Part 3

  1. Managing Input fields, Buttons and creating custom Xpaths
  2. Managing/Identifying Links with Xpaths/css selectors
  3. Extracting More than one object from a page
  4. Extracting all links of a page/Bulk extraction of objects
  5. Extracting Objects from a specific area of a web page
  6. Various strategies to test Links on a page by clicking on them one by one
  7. Finding response Headers/ response code
  8. Finding whether object is present on page or not
  9. Handling drop down list
  10. Select Class in Selenium API
  11. Managing radio buttons and Checkboxes
  12. Hidden components
  13. isDisplayed function
  14. Taking Screenshots of the web pages

WebDriver -- Part 4

  1. Implicit and Explicit waits
  2. PageLoadTimeout Property
  3. WebDriverWait Class
  4. WebDriver.Timeout Interface
  5. ExpectedCondition interface and ExpectedConditions class
  6. WaitUntil Condition
  7. Fluent Wait
  8. Managing Ajax based components
  9. Concepts of Set Interface in Java
  10. Window Handles
  11. Managing tabbed windows in IE, Chrome and Mozilla
  12. Managing popups in IE, Chrome and Mozilla
  13. Closing windows
  14. Default Popups
  15. Testing https websites / Managing certificate errors in https websites in IE, Chrome and Mozilla

WebDriver -- Part 5

  1. Mouse movement with Selenium - Actions class
  2. Randomly clicking/selecting Objects - Randomizing
  3. Extracting Data From WebTable
  4. Dynamic WebTable Handling
  5. Handling Ajax Autosuggests
  6. Handling Frames in Web Page
  7. Webtables and css Selectors
  8. Managing Javascript alerts


 WebDriver -- Part 6

  1. Simulating front and back button click on Browser using selenium
  2. Assigning Firefox profile parameters
  3. Downloading files using selenium
  4. Selenium Javadocs
  5. Listeners- Using WebDriverEventListener
  6. Practical usage of Listeners in Selenium
  7. Moving a mouse on a Object and right clicking on it
  8. Finding Coordinates of a Web Object
  9. Actions class in Webdriver
  10. Handling CSS menu with Action class
  11. Handling CSS menu with JavaScriptExecutor
  12. JavaScriptExecutor example
  13. Drag, drop, native events

Selenium Grid

  1. What is selenium Grid?
  2. Use of selenium Grid
  3. What is Remote Webdriver
  4. How to configure selenium grid?
  5. Configuring Hub
  6. Configuring Node
  7. Run your test cases in remote machine
  8. Run your test cases parallel & sequentially in more than one machine.

Database Interaction:

  1. What is JDBC
  2. Supported Database servers
  3. Installing MySQl
  4. How to connect Database with Java
  5. Connect Interface
  6. Retrieving Data from Database


TestNG Framework

  1. What is TestNg
  2. Installing TestNg in Eclipse
  3. TestNg annotations
  4. Understanding usage of annotations
  5. Running a Test in TestNg
  6. Batch Running of tests in TestNg
  7. Skipping Tests
  8. Parameterizing Tests - DataProvider
  9. Assertions/Reporting Errors
  10. TestNg Reports
  11. Advantages over Junit
  12. Using TestNg in Selenium
  13. What is Ant
  14. Downloading and configuring Ant
  15. Build.xml configuration
  16. XSLT report generation generation using TestNg and Ant
  17. Building a BAT file to run tests using ANT
  18. Grouping test cases
  19. Setting priority of execution for test cases
  20. Putting Dataproviders for multiple tests in a single file
  21. Parameterizing/Sharing single dataprovider for multiple test cases
  22. Listenrs for logging in case of FAILED, SKIPPED or PASSED test cases
  23. TestListener Adaptor

Automation Framework

  1. What is Framework?
  2. Why we need to implement framework?
  3. Different types of Frameworks?

Java Concepts

Java Introduction


  1. Installing Java
  2. Installing Eclipse
  3. Features of Java
  4. Why Java for Selenium
  5. First Eclipse Project
  6. First Java program
  7. Concept of class file
  8. Platform independence
  9. DataTypes in Java
  10. String class
  11. If statements


Loops, Arrays and Functions Conditional and concatenation operators

  1. While Loop
  2. For Loops
  3. Practical Examples with loops
  4. Usage of loops in Selenium
  5. Single Dimensional Arrays
  6. Two Dimensional arrays
  7. Practical usage of arrays in Selenium
  8. Drawbacks of arrays
  9. What are Functions?
  10. Function Input Parameters
  11. Function Return Types

Object Oriented Programming- 1

  1. Local Variables
  2. Global Variables
  3. Static and Non-Static Variables
  4. Static and Non-Static Functions
  5. Creating Objects in Java
  6. Meaning of static
  7. Why is main method static?
  8. Object and Object References
  9. Call by reference and Value
  10. Constructors
  11. Usage of Objects in Selenium

Object Oriented Programming -2

  1. Concept of Inheritance
  2. Interface
  3. Overloadings and Overriding Functions
  4. Example on inheritance
  5. Object Class
  6. Usage of Inheritance in Selenium

Packages, Access Modifiers/ Exception Handling

  1. Relevance of Packages
  2. Creating Packages
  3. Accessing Classes Across Packages
  4. Good Features of eclipse
  5. Accessing modifiers - Public, Private, Default, Protected
  6. Exception handling with try catch block
  7. Importance of exception handling
  8. Exception and Error
  9. Throwable Class
  10. Final and Finally
  11. Throw and Throws
  12. Different Types of Exceptions
  13. Need of exception handling in Selenium framework

Collection API/Reflection API

  1. Introduction to Collections API
  2. ArrayList Class
  3. HashTable Class
  4. Using ArrayList and HashTable of Collection API in Selenium framework
  5. Reflection API usage and importance
  6. Using Reflection API to make keyword driven Selenium framework

String, File Handling, Log4j, /Handling XLS, XML files

  1. String class and functions
  2. Reading/Writing Text Files
  3. Reading Properties File in Java
  4. Concept of jar file
  5. POI API in java
  6. Reading/Writing Microsoft XLS Files
  7. Log4j API for Logging
  8. Reading data from XML files using Java

Test Automation Expert | Experienced Testing professional Software testing

Software professional with 10+ years of core expertise on Automation, Manual, API, performance testing and Mobile application testing

  1. Experience in Corporate, Online & Class room trainings.
  2. Experienced in Selenium WebDriver, Selenium RC, Selenium Grid & Selenium IDE
  3. Plan, Design, Build and Maintain Complex Test Automation Frameworks(Data- Driven, Keyword, Hybrid, POM with Page factory)
  4. Selenium Automation using Web Driver and Server. Programming using Java, TestNg, Junit
  5. Performance testing with Jmeter.
  6. API level testing using Junit, JMUnit.
  7. Mobile Application Testing on Android, IOS and Brew
  8. Mobile Application Testing with Robotium

Duration: 45 Days

Fee: Rs.15,000/-




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07:00 AM - 09:00 AM

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