Pega 7

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Pega 7


Course Content

  1. Introduction to BPM and PRPC
  2. Building a Basic Application
  3. Direct Capture of Objectives
  4. Managing Rules
  5. Enhancing the User Interface
  6. Creating a Data Model
  7. Reporting on Application Data
  8. Completing the Process Definition
  9. Automating Decisions
  10. Single-Variable Circumstancing
  11. Using Declarative Rules
  12. Using Procedural Logic
  13. Integrating with External Data Sources
  14. Creating Your User Interface
  15. Validation
  16. Creating Correspondence
  17. Guardrails and Best Practices

What are things need to do in Real Time Environment?

  1. Type of projects in Pega
  2. Pega involved in Various Domains
  3. Project Methodologies
  4. How to get the Requirement in Real Time?
  5. How to involve in the development?
  6. Real time Project scenarios and Exercises
  7. What are Necessary actions after development?

Sample Application Development

Basic Things for Pega 7 Application Development

Start Building an Application

Defining the Process

Defining the Data Elements

Enhancing the User Interface

Accessing Data in the Application

Automating Business Policies

Advanced Case Processing

Documenting the Application

Including Course

  1. Provide certification Details
  2. Resume Preparation
  3. Interview Preparation


  • 45 Days
  • Rs.25,000/-


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